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Huawei became the global market leader for solar pv inverter shipments in 2015 (source: GTM & IHS).

Huawei’s range of SUN2000 string inverters use intelligent software that lets you monitor your solar system from your phone or tablet, so you’re always in control of your yields. And with no fuses and no moving parts to replace, HUAWEI inverters are built to last for 25 years or more. They’re stable, they’re bankable, and they’re here for the long haul.

Huawei is Solar Intelligence with Strings Attached:

• A truly local service with global reach

•A smart pv solution that works in all conditions

•Inverters that are always available for highest yields

If you want to know more about HUAWEI Solar ‘s Smart PV Solutions, you can visit the HUAWEI web site at:

SegenSolar currently stock a full range of HUAWEI SUN2000 string inverters and Smart Logger monitoring units, for suitable for commercial and utility scale applications.

Listed below are all the products supplied by Segen for , please select any of the listed part codes in the first column to view full details of the product.

HUA-SL-1000DisplayDataloggerHuawei Smart Logger 1000
HUA-SL-2000DisplayDataloggerHuawei Smart Logger 2000
SUN2000-12KTLPV InverterMain UnitHuawei SUN2000 12KTL 12kW 3phase inverter
SUN2000-17KTLPV InverterMain UnitHuawei SUN2000 17KTL 17kW 3phase inverter
SUN2000-20KTLPV InverterMain UnitHuawei SUN2000 20KTL 20kW 3phase inverter
SUN2000-33KTL-APV InverterMain UnitHuawei SUN2000 33KTL-A 30kW 3 phase inverter
SUN2000-33KTL-A-10YRPV Special OfferCommercial PackageHuawei SUN2000 33KTL-A 30kW 3phase inverter - 10 year warranty
SUN2000-36KTLPV InverterMain UnitHuawei SUN2000 36KTL 36kW 3phase inverter (no LCD)
SUN2000-50KTLPV InverterMain UnitHuawei SUN2000 50KTL 46kW 3phase inverter (no LCD)
SUN2000-60KTLPV InverterMain UnitHuawei SUN2000 60KTL 60kW 3phase inverter (no LCD)
SUN2000-8KTLPV InverterMain UnitHuawei SUN2000 8KTL 8kW 3phase inverter
SUN2000L-2KTLStorage SystemsHybrid InverterHuawei 2kW HV hybrid storage inverter
SUN2000L-3.6KTLStorage SystemsHybrid InverterHuawei 3.6kW HV hybrid storage inverter
SUN2000L-3KTLStorage SystemsHybrid InverterHuawei 3kW HV hybrid storage inverter
SUN2000L-4.6KTLStorage SystemsHybrid InverterHuawei 4.6kW HV hybrid storage inverter
SUN2000L-4KTLStorage SystemsHybrid InverterHuawei 4kW HV hybrid storage inverter
SUN2000L-5KTLStorage SystemsHybrid InverterHuawei 5kW HV hybrid storage inverter