Steca Inverters

Steca Inverters

Founded in 1976, Steca has become a leading provider of products for the solar electronics, setting international standards in the regulation and control of solar energy. The company ensures that design, development, production and sales are committed to the highest quality standards.

Together with it's range of accessories, StecaGrid inverters represent an innovative family of inverter solutions for grid-connected solar power systems. Whether it is a small solar system for a family house or an elaborate combined solution for an industrial array, they have an inverter to suit. Steca focus on the most important aspects: user friendliness and maximum performance with the lowest possible cost expenditure.

Steca guarantees top quality, security and reliability, and places great emphasis on the environmental impact during the development, design, production and distribution of products. To achieve these quality objectives, Steca works with strategies for quality control and quality improvement. Through the Quality Management System and the company philosophy Quality is planned from the first customer inquiry to final operation, manufactured and guaranteed.

If you want to find out more about Steca, you can visit the manufacturers website here.

SegenSolar currently stock a large range of StecaGrid coolcept inverters for all uses available with 10 years warranty as standard.

Listed below are all the products supplied by SegenSolar for , please select any of the listed part codes in the first column to view full details of the product.

RS485-5mDisplayCommunicationStecaGrid 5m RS485 bus cable IP67
SG-1500PV InverterMain UnitStecaGrid 1500W Inverter Indoor
SG-2000PV InverterMain UnitStecaGrid 2000W Inverter Indoor
SG-2500PV InverterMain UnitStecaGrid 2500W Inverter Indoor
SG-3010PV InverterMain UnitStecaGrid 3010W Inverter - Indoor
SG-3600PV InverterMain UnitStecaGrid 3600W Inverter Indoor
SG-4200PV InverterMain UnitStecaGrid 4200W Inverter Indoor
SG-SEMDisplayPower ManagementSteca Smart Energy Manager
STECA-10.10FStorage SystemsPWM Charge ControllerSteca Solsum 10.10F PWM Charge Controller
STECA-6.6FStorage SystemsPWM Charge ControllerSteca Solsum 6.6F PWM Charge Controller
STECA-8.8FStorage SystemsPWM Charge ControllerSteca Solsum 8.8F PWM Charge Controller
STECA-MPPT6000Storage SystemsMPPT Charge ControllerTarom MPPT 6000 Charge Controller
STECA-PARC100Storage SystemsRemote ControlSteca PA RC100 Programmiereinheit
STECA-PATS10Storage SystemsBattery Temperature SensorExt. temp. sens. PR, Solarix MPPT, Power Tarom, 2.8m
STECA-PATS-SStorage SystemsBattery Temperature SensorExt. temp. sens. Tarom 4545(-48), MPPT 6000-M/-S, 2.8m
STECA-PR1010Storage SystemsPWM Charge ControllerSteca PR1010 PWM Charge Controller
STECA-PR1515Storage SystemsPWM Charge ControllerSteca PR1515 PWM Charge Controller
STECA-PR2020Storage SystemsPWM Charge ControllerSteca PR2020 PWM Charge Controller
STECA-PR3030Storage SystemsPWM Charge ControllerSteca PR3030 PWM Charge Controller
STECA-PRS1515Storage SystemsPWM Charge ControllerSteca Solarix PRS1515 PWM Charge Controller
STECA-PRS2020Storage SystemsPWM Charge ControllerSteca Solarix PRS2020 PWM Charge Controller
STECA-PRS3030Storage SystemsPWM Charge ControllerSteca Solarix PRS3030 PWM Charge Controller
STECA-SOLARIX-4040Storage SystemsPWM Charge ControllerSteca Solarix 4040 PWM Charge Controller
STECA-SOLSUM-4040Storage SystemsPWM Charge ControllerSteca Solsum 4040 PWM Charge Controller